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About Julie

My interest and passion for counselling started with my own therapy. I know how hard it is to open up to a counsellor and face the fears that are interfering with your life. I bring my professional training and skills together with my personal and varied life experiences into working with clients.

Prior to counselling, I worked in a number of varying business environments, alongside studying health and wellbeing. These very different environments and experiences provided me with insight into how pressure affects us and the coping strategies we use, whether helpful or not.

The universal encounters such as depression, anxiety, and grief – I get it, been there, done that.

Counselling has always been my calling because I love working with, and listening to people.

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My core values of acceptance, non-judgement, belief in each person’s unique individuality, resilience, compassion and empathy – all inform my work as a counsellor. Specialising in the process of insight, understanding, and healing from trauma, I can support you to find the patterns and behaviours in your life that are no longer serving you. If you feel that something is no longer working for you or life seems to have lost its joy, together we can explore how to get back on track.


This is Saffie. she is 4 years old, an Australian Kelpie and an accredited Therapy Assistance Dog.

Saffie’s job is to be there when it’s hard for you to talk about difficult things, she is there to help you to relax and feel calm as well as brighten up your day (that’s her favourite part of the job).

She loves meeting new people, getting a lot of pats and generally hanging out in your session.

Saffie is only in session if you would like her to be, otherwise she happily does her own thing outside while we talk.